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[How to make the strongest team] Read memo (^.^)

Speaking of the "strongest team" that has proved to be a mastery of work and the strength of creativity in the world, organizations such as Google and Pixar are associated. However, no matter how strong leaders and excellent members are, not all organizations can be excellent teams. So where is the key to team building?

The key to training team power is summarized in three skills. "Safe environment," "disclosing weaknesses," and "common goals."

Humans build "reliable relationships" by sending "attribution signals" by means other than words. Psychological safety can be ensured by combining the three characteristics of “energy,” “individualization,” and “future-oriented” “attribution signals”.

It is important to say "thank you" to the extent that it is excessive. The experiment by Adam Grant and Francesco Gino was set up in which a student was looking for someone to help him write his resume. Half of the people who helped are thanked by the student, and half are not particularly appreciated. Then, when another student made the same request, the thank-you group was more than twice as likely to accept the request as the non-thanked group. It turns out that a person who is grateful to someone can be kind to another person.

This is because the act of "gratitude" serves as a signal of attribution. The word "thank you" increases security, connection, and motivation. The more successful teams, the more gratitude is, and the top members are actively saying gratitude to the lowest members.

The team also needs awkward moments. By intentionally creating awkward moments, such as the moment when you want to convey something that is difficult to say, confidence is created in the team.

In the case of Pixar, for example, this is a conference called "Brain Trust" to analyze and improve the movie in production. At the meeting, problems were pointed out one after another, such as lack of depth in the characters and difficulty in understanding the story.

Successful teams keep common values ​​and goals in mind by decorating their rooms and using simple slogans.

Say the same catchphrase or motto many times. By decorating the room and using simple slogans, the values ​​and purposes are imprinted on the chest, creating an environment with a high sense of purpose.

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