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[Uvar Noah Harari's "Homo Deus" top-bottom joint edition]

If "The whole history of Sapiens," which became the best-selling book in the world, spells out "the past" of humankind, this book describes "the future" of humankind.

Humankind is solving the problems of famine, disease and war. Humanity's new goal is to upgrade Homo sapiens to Homo deus (human of God), in search of immortality, happiness, and divinity.

Whereas the agricultural revolution produced theistic religion, the scientific revolution produced human religion. Science and human supremacy have become the two wheels to build a modern society, but post-human supremacy may emerge in the future.

Human supremacy was divided into three denominations of "liberalism," "socialism," and "evolutionary human supremacy," and liberalism eventually won.

Liberalism is dominant in modern times because it is the most compatible with science and technology.

Liberalism flourished with the development of science, but now science is questioning liberalism.

After the fall of liberalism, new techno-human supremacy and data supremacy can be born. The former is aimed at Homo Deus (human of God), and the latter is aimed at becoming "the Internet of all things".

The discussion in this book is only "prediction", not "prophecy."

Historians study the past, not to repeat it, but to be liberated from it, and to discover possibilities and options unimaginable by the old.

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