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I'm 45 years old.

I'm 45 years old. I am still absorbed in my work, but I am very grateful (for being able to spend it) that I am blessed with people and have a fulfilling life of flying and bouncing.

Looking back, I'm a positive work person and health conscious person, as if I had such a personality. There were nights when I was exhausted from work and lonely, and I was so lonely that I was desperate to quit my job several times, but considering that it is still going on, what I have gained from continuing. I feel that there were many.

When I think about it, my personality, skills, and intuition have been greatly refined by devoting myself to work after I went out into society. It has been sharpened.

A company like my child who met people and gave me the joy of work was able to move to Ginza XNUMX-chome this year as the business expanded.

Now, I have no hesitation in giving my best and rewarding the customers, employees, and people involved.

When I look back on the year, I will do my best every moment so that I can think that it is wonderful to get older and that life is fun.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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