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Haruaki Deguchi "Intelligent Manufacturing"

Read Haruaki Deguchi's "Intelligent Production Techniques" (^_^)
Below is a review.

Point 1
In Japan, despite the normalization of long working hours, the growth rate is low and productivity is low. In order to increase productivity, it is necessary to change the evaluation axis from "working hours" to "labor productivity".

Point 2
In order to generate ideas that bring about innovation in work, it is effective to change the life of "meal, bath, sleep" into "people, books, travel" and stimulate the brain.

Point 3
In order to increase the productivity of an organization, it is important to allocate the right person to the right person. There are four points for allocating human resources: grasping the aptitude and motivation of subordinates, ignoring weaknesses and developing strengths, not having to train everyone to managerial positions, and improving the performance of the top 4%.

This book introduces ways to increase individual intellectual productivity from the perspectives of "thinking technology," "input and output technology," "management technology," and "communication technology." "If you follow the rules, you can act automatically and functionally." "The closest" person you want to be "becomes a catalyst for growth." "You can't grasp" luck "unless you are healthy." All of them are concrete and easy to practice, such as "how to proceed".

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