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Toshio Ikeda, the father of the computer industry of books "Every development begins with excitement"

Project X -Challengers- Watch "The Great Reversal from Zero Domestic Computers". The story of Toshio Ikeda, the father of the Japanese computer industry.

The story of starting computer development from scratch for IBM, which accounts for 7% of the world's computers, and finally creating a computer with a computing speed that exceeds IBM.

"When Ikeda started thinking about ideas, he kept thinking about it not only at work and at home, but also at his colleague's house. Eventually he forgot to even go to work and suddenly came to work in the evening and never returned from work. There is also an episode that he kept thinking for a few days. It was rough not to come to work for a few days, and at the time when the daily salary system was normal, the company side who was troubled that Ikeda's salary could not be paid, appealed to a colleague who supports Ikeda There is even a story that he only made a monthly salary system. At the time when Ikeda was enrolled, Fujitsu had a corporate culture that accepted such eccentricities, and there were enough members to make use of Ikeda's genius ability. It was. "

The power of one genius is, of course, not just technology. Enthusiasm to bet everything. The result of having friends and organizations to support.

The words "All development begins with excitement" echoes. This is the soul of an engineer / engineer (^_^)

On the other hand, while watching the news of Fujitsu's reassignment (equivalent to 3000 people), it is important to pass it on and to change it, but it is important to thoroughly immerse yourself in the work and pursue technology, compliance and work. I feel that social trends such as consideration for people and changes in the times may make it difficult to achieve both.

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