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Desperate desperation "Roman story" Hannibal Senki

The most intense and impressive thing in history and war history (history major when I was a student) was Hannibal, a famous Carthaginian general.

After reading all 15 volumes of "Stories of the Romans" that I have been reading since the end of last year, I will confront Hannibal Barca, a famous Carthaginian who is familiar with the second volume of Hannibal War, and Scipio Africanus, a Roman soldier. On the axis, I read "Ad Astra", which depicts the Second Punic War, at once.

Considering the relationship between Carthage, which lost the hegemony battle with the great power Rome, and its neighboring countries, to the international situation of Japan, neighboring countries, and the world today, human beings are still repeating the same thing. ..

A prosperous person must decline. Then could we make a wise choice if we could learn lessons from history?

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