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[Relaxation] Do you not jointly hold the Business Automation Seminar 1 day course?

We hope to jointly hold a business automation seminar on the premise of RPA application. (^-^)

While themes are work style reform, declining birthrate and aging population, regional revitalization, global division of labor, and design and emergence, I believe that combining the exercises using the actual machines that I am in charge will enhance the learning effect.

Aim to hold 100 times a year. We assume both business trip type and classroom holding type. Of course, it's even better outside the Kanto area (^-^)
*The course uses official teaching materials, so actual costs (teaching material costs, equipment to rent for exercises) will be charged, but we do not plan for the time being.

We plan to handle the following RPA software.

1st WinActor (From 10/1 onwards, beginners, intermediate, advanced)
2nd Auto Job Master (Basic, Practice)
3rd BizRobo (Basic, Practice)
4th UiPath (Basic, Practice)

If you are interested, please leave a message. Thank you.

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