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RPA impact robot use!

Using weekend time, the president's business (micro enterprise (^ _ ^;) is in the process of becoming RPA.
Monthly approval number, list of expense settlement total (data DL & Excel aggregation & mail / printing from ASP), sales and bank payment matching (just approximate matching: because there is a fee or summary transfer), attendance information synchronization and aggregation (JOBKAN & freee & Yayoi) I tried to automate the salary) (^-^)
In addition, e-mail instructions (attendance input instructions, expense settlement instructions, ISMS / QMS self-inspection confirmation, door locks, regular meeting holding notifications), asset configuration information, and data backup are also automated (^. ^)
It's about 10 jobs, but this saves a lot of time!
I've been reading AI / RPA books to gather opinion leaders' opinions on RPA, but I'm convinced that RPA's secret lies in "business / organization Hack."
The parts that can (should) be automated also differ in the stages of entrepreneurship → growth development → stability.
There are many parts that you do not notice in the division of duties, each task, and the maturity of the organization to be carried out unless you are making things that move (^. ^)
The theme that the presidents (CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO) of small and medium-sized enterprises with multiple duties should take the initiative.
I am convinced that agile methods are effective in promoting automation (RPA) of organizational management. My boom in me begins and the priority goes up at once (^-^)
It has a high affinity with portfolio project management. The actual situation is centered on instruction emails (weekly reports, attendance, clearing), reminders (reports, regular meetings), and routine work (personnel evaluation aggregation, security questionnaire aggregation), but direct emails from the president are intense for employees and staff. It may be an impact. .. .. (sorry)
It is the fate of small and medium-sized enterprises to "nurture people" while being analog. Although it is solid and unique to small and medium-sized enterprises, there are places where this part will be transferred to managers even if it is automated, but in the direction of leaving it! Even if it gives a tight impression, I will follow you quickly at the Scrum evening party (^. ^) And I will think about it.

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