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How to work – Almost every day is in the Tenno Mountains –

During the first month and a half of the year, 1 sets of security diagnosis & system audits are my days of messy and self-recording work (^ _ ^;)
I want to borrow a cat in my days full of things to do, including construction, installation, and general affairs. .. .. It's time to avoid alliances. .. .. (0_0)


What's that (^-^), on a vacant and hot summer day when I slept in a cooler office (and home) without work, I bowed while crying for debt repayment, ran around, and paid everyone's salary without cash At the end of the horror, I couldn't use my card, used up my debt from consumer finance, and had to overcome my hunger while drinking water alone on my stomach. A situation where a friend is moving away from the surroundings because he is afraid to answer the phone. .. ..

Oh, I said it myself and cried (T_T)

Looking back on them, the current situation is grateful! !! !! Hey. It's a complete crap. Waha (° ▽ °)

It's been less than three years since then. I'm a little better now. But still a challenger. I will humbly tighten my mind and devote myself so as not to make a mistake.

There will be construction work early in the morning tomorrow. There is a deadline for manuscripts. And one day the customer presentation.

Almost every day is in the Tenno Mountains. So I won't sleep today (@ _ @) It's okay to sleep 20 hours later!

Some people say that I can't manage this way of working or lose, and I don't think it's necessary to say that, but if it looks like you're losing, you can lose. It doesn't matter if you look like you can't manage it. Rather than asking about the war situation and criticizing it, I first stand in the batter's box. And since you stood up, you should swing your bat aggressively and boldly rather than overlooking it. You should practice it. It's what I need now for tomorrow I'm aiming for.

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