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"Venture companies are not as competitive as founders"

"Founders can chase both inconsistencies in philosophy and performance"
“Executives can grow their performance, but they can't follow both paradoxes more than the founder.”

A company run by the president who is a "common sense person" from the perspective of employees is a company that is ridiculously black for the president who manages it (the president goes out to the site to make up for the deficit & bring out personal assets, only the president works long hours & does not take a day off) turn into.

“I am sorry that it puts a strain on the executives, but I am more sorry to head to the “ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises”, so I keep making heartfelt requests and continue to make strict demands.
When those strict requirements do not reach the level of understanding of employees and executives, I can be seen as a "disordered president." "

I want to be a messed up president who is not bound by common sense. (In a good sense))

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