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[If you don't have money, you can't get sick!?] (Speaking without misunderstanding)

I don't have money That's why I use the same amount of energy for health care (Musashino Koyama, President)...

It's not impossible to say that "health is a management resource". I haven't had any problems with my health (^_^)

Quoted below
“If you have a savings, you can rest assured that you can go to the hospital even if you get sick, instead of having a default or having a headache and resting. I can say that I am staying healthy because I am always pushing myself to the last minute.
An employee in my mid-twenties who used to work in our company used to save money because she was in trouble when she got sick. What do you think as a result? I got really sick and used my savings for treatment. He has successfully accomplished his purpose.
People who save money for health get sick, and people like me who spend more and more money do not get sick. Life is interesting. "

What were charismatic managers doing in their XNUMXs? "I spent money on intangible things"

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