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"Continue" earnestly

In the SE era, I was loose in time, I had a bad memory, and I thought that paperwork and document writing were not suitable for me. (Still acknowledged that he was a good SE (°▽°))

He also avoided collisions for fear of being hated by his colleagues.
Therefore, even if I was full of work, I didn't rely on other people, and instead I absorbed myself in SE work. He complained about things that he didn't understand and didn't recognize, and he kept them inside.

Nowadays, every day I come to work earlier than anyone else, I can act at the front line of the work site, and I can also manage the general operations of the company.I am prepared to be hated, and I speak for rigor. The role of is divisible. Compared to that time, it seems that I think that I am a different person, but the reason is clarified by the indication of our financial adviser.

"You don't want to die, right?" (° ▽ °)

That's right. Exactly. (Lol)

This intense motivation that small business owners will understand is what drives me.

I can't stay idle You have to take risks. Even if it is not seen by anyone, even if it is not recognized (even if it is complained), it only carries out the necessary work.

Suddenly, I looked back at the "I want to be my memo" that I had been straying in the SE era.

There was myself who realized what was written there one after another (although it is still...).

And now, I have the ability to "continue" without expecting any rewards or rewards.

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