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Those who need and shouldn't be in a growing venture-Unexpected pitfalls of hiring-

Reflect on your own vices and share with your feelings of regret (´ △ `)
Just wanting to escape the pain of management, he relied on "[smart] [pessimistic] people" without thinking about the entrepreneurial stage. Then, I finally realize that I am on the verge of organizational collapse two or three times. I'm the one who has trampled on the so-called "because" landmines (T_T)

“People who need and shouldn't be in a growing venture”

"Because we are friends who share pains together, we are looking for people who can participate with caution and speed.

Of course, smart and optimistic people are the best. If you are such a person, don't miss it and hire it immediately. The next person I want to hire is a sick but optimistic person. so. The most dangerous companions are [smart] and [pessimistic] humans.

Don't apply people right after you change jobs to a major post in your company
By spending a certain period of time together, the essence of the human being can be seen. Also, do not suddenly attach personnel like subordinates to the bottom. Information will be divided within the company. "

Those who need and shouldn't be in a growing venture-Unexpected pitfalls of hiring-

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