"Honesty and credit are infinite capital" Agile, highly specialized in cyber security.
We will concentrate on the realization of the strategy. Does not rule out all possibilities.
Take an agile approach to value realization, technology study and implementation. Please contact us.
Has many achievements in launching platform services and introducing systems.
Client-first support as an advisor and advisor. Please contact us.


Hiromi Nakatani

The creed is "honesty and credit are infinite capital" Thank you for visiting the blog of the president who works in Ginza.

We use an agile approach to realize value in projects at the conception / planning stage, and to study and implement technology.He has 8 years of experience as an engineer for venture companies, SI companies, and telecommunications companies, 12 years as a consultant for consulting firms, and more than 20 years of field experience in total.Although he is the representative of Axis International Co., Ltd., he is still refining his knowledge, experience and skills as an active consultant who is active in the field. Translated by "Project Management Toolbox" and co-authored by "Talent Triangle"Project Management,Agile,We accept requests for consulting, lectures, and training in fields that require cyber security expertise.


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